About III

One of the 13 virtual institutes of CIHR, the CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity (III) supports research and helps to build research capacity in the areas of infectious disease and the body's immune system. Through the Institute's programs, researchers address a wide range of health concerns related to infection and immunity including disease mechanisms, disease prevention and treatment, and health promotion through public policy.

Through a virtual, global network of researchers, stakeholders and partners the III plays an important role in generating and disseminating information on infectious disease and immunity. In addition, the III plays an important leadership role on infectious disease issues in Canada, including helping to coordinate Canada's rapid research response to infectious disease outbreaks, especially those caused by new, emerging pathogens.

Who we are


The Institute seeks to become the Canadian focal point of reference to harness and optimize the research efforts in infectious and immune-related diseases. It also seeks to become the national and international reference in the utilization and implementation of those research results for the improvement of the health care system.

Mission and Values

The Institute’s mission is to provide national leadership, priorities and programs to promote novel infection and immunity research. We strive to promote health and reduce the global burden of infection and immune-based diseases through an approach based on CIHR’s overarching core values of: excellence; scientific integrity and ethics; collaboration; innovation; and public interest.


III promotes and supports excellence in internationally recognized research in the areas of infection and immunity. The Institute interacts with scientists, community groups, non-governmental health organizations and global researchers to identify research priorities, establish partnerships and undertake collaborative research initiatives.


The III community is made up of researchers, scientists, community groups, and individuals from around the world who share an interest in infection and immunity issues.

A dedicated Institute Advisory Board (IAB) provides essential scientific input and guidance to the Institute Scientific Director through the IAB meetings.

III activities are managed by the Scientific Director and the staff.

What we do

This Institute is dedicated to supporting research and building research capacity in infectious disease and immunity.

III research funding supports researchers located in universities, hospitals and other research centres across Canada, and around the world in a number of different ways including development and funding of strategic research grants, and through funding of capacity building programs including training programs.

III plays an important role within our community, helping to forge links, encourage interaction and increase sharing of knowledge and expertise. Our strategic partnerships with a variety of organizations also allow us to broaden our horizons and work cooperatively in the global battle against disease and infection.

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