III Initiatives

CIHR and its Institutes have developed several initiatives that offer funding opportunities related to identified priority areas. Each of these initiatives involves collaboration between the Institutes and a wide range of partner organizations, including:

  • other federal and provincial government departments and agencies
  • international, national and provincial funding organizations and relevant territorial departments
  • health charities
  • non-governmental organizations
  • industry

The purpose of these initiatives is to offer funding opportunities focusing on a specific research agenda. The initiatives help CIHR to allocate its resources to make the strongest possible impact on health and health care.

Priority-driven research refers to initiatives created by the Government of Canada to investigate pressing health issues that are of strategic importance to our country.

While responding to the changing health needs and priorities of Canadians across all aspects of health, the goal of priority-driven health research is to advance health knowledge and its application in specific areas of research identified by CIHR in consultation with other government departments, partners and stakeholders, in order to improve health systems and/or improve health outcomes in these priority areas.

The Institute of Infection and Immunity (III) has a broad mandate to cover and is involved in multiple initiatives:

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