Training and Career Development at III

The CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity is committed to building and strengthening Canadian health research capacity by supporting the next generation of researchers. This section includes resources designed to help you throughout your career path.

New Investigators Forum

The CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity recognizes that the ongoing development of new researchers is fundamental to a strong and innovative health research capacity within the Institute's mandate.

The next New Investigator Forum hosted by III will be held in King City, Ontario from April 2nd to 4th, 2024.

Application is open to early career investigators in the area of infection and immunity, as well as late-stage post-doctoral fellows and research associates who have a minimum of 3 years of postdoctoral experience and are actively looking to pursue an academic career as an independent investigator. Details on the event and the application can be found on the Spring 2024 CIHR-III New Investigator Forum webpage. Visit the Spring 2022 Virtual CIHR-III New Investigators Forum webpage.

Institute Community Support (ICS) Program Funding Opportunities

The ICS Program is designed to foster community development by providing grants and awards to individuals and organizations for the purposes of aiding research and knowledge translation activities where the circumstances fall outside of CIHR's current suite of funding programs, and supporting individuals, organizations and activities whose goals are consistent with CIHR's and its Institutes' vision, mandate and strategic directions.

Under the framework of the ICS Program, III offers the following funding programs designed to encourage excellence in research and foster community development:

  • The Bhagirath Singh Early Career Award in Infection and Immunity
    Objective: To recognize the highest ranked new investigator in the field of infection and immunity. Posted in the Spring and Fall Project Grant competitions, this award is a supplemental grant to support research, and must be used in accordance with CIHR Funding Policies. The award is not a personal award and is non-renewable. For more information, visit The Bhagirath Singh Early Career Award in Infection and Immunity webpage.

  • III Planning and Dissemination Grants
    To support planning activities, partnership development and/or increasing understanding of the health research landscape that will contribute to the advancement of research consistent with the mandate of CIHR and relevant to III; and/or to support dissemination events/activities, relevant to III, that focus on the communication of health research evidence to the appropriate researcher and/or knowledge user audience(s), tailoring the message and medium as appropriate.

    The grants are administered through ResearchNet and are launched twice per year, summer and winter. For more information, please visit the CIHR Funding Opportunities Database under "Other: Planning and Dissemination Grants – Institute Community Support".

    Please note that only currently open funding competitions will appear within the CIHR Funding Opportunities Database.

CIHR Research Excellence, Diversity, and Independence (REDI) Early Career Transition Award

CIHR is committed to supporting the career development of the next generation of health researchers. The CIHR Research Excellence, Diversity, and Independence Early Career Transition Award is available to post-doctoral researchers, clinicians, and research associates from specific underrepresented groups to help them launch their research faculty careers in Canada. This transition award is intended to foster the development of independent research scientists who would benefit from tailored, mentored career development in Phase 1 before transitioning to Phase 2 to establish and sustain their independent research program in academia.

CIHR-CEPI Leadership Award for Excellence in Vaccine Research for Infectious Diseases of Epidemic Potential

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is a world leader in supporting research into vaccine development and enabling equitable access to vaccines. The CIHR-CEPI Leadership Awards for Excellence in Vaccine Research for Infectious Diseases of Epidemic Potential leverages Canadian expertise in the vaccine sciences to accelerate the development of CEPI's vaccine candidates and rapid-response technologies. Through this funding opportunity, Canadian mid-career researchers are integrated into CEPI's team to build and share cutting-edge skills and technologies across CEPI and its network. They connect with global experts and promote Canadian innovation to help prevent future epidemics and pandemics.

The Health System Impact Program

The Health System Impact (HSI) Program provides highly qualified PhD trainees, postdoctoral researchers, and (new!) early career researchers in health services and policy research/related fields an opportunity to develop embedded research projects/programs that address the most pressing problems faced by health system organizations and to support evidence-informed decision-making.

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