IHSPR Strategic Research Priorities

The IHSPR 2021-26 Strategic Plan: Accelerate Health Care System Transformation through Research to Achieve the Quadruple Aim and Health Equity for All is an ambitious plan that will pave the way forward for IHSPR and the health services and policy research community over the next 5 years.

We have anchored our plan to the Quadruple Aim, which is centered around four overarching goals to redesign health care systems: improve the individual experience of care; improve the health of populations; improve the health care provider experience; and improve value for money. Importantly, we have placed health equity at the centre of these aims to ensure that all improvement and transformation efforts are done with the intention of improving health equity for all Canadians.

To realize our goals, IHSPR has identified four strategic priority areas:

  1. Accelerate the discovery of innovations that transform health care delivery systems to achieve the Quadruple Aim and improve health equity for all
  2. Modernize the health care system with digital health solutions and data science
  3. Integrate evidence into health services and policy decisions for improved health care system performance and outcomes
  4. Strengthen capacity for solution-oriented research and evidence-informed health care system transformation

For more information about these priorities, please refer to the full strategic plan.

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