IHSPR Partnerships

Partnerships are fundamental to the success of all health research. Furthermore, as health research evolves and continues to encompass multiple disciplines and sectors, the importance of strategic, innovative partnerships in the creation of new knowledge and its translation into improved health for Canadians, more effective health services and products and a strengthened Canadian health care system is growing substantially. Partnerships are particularly important for CIHR in the domains of research supported by IHSPR. Research in this area is: multi-disciplinary and thus requires partnerships among researchers and research organizations; and applied, and thus requires partnerships among researchers and those involved in health services delivery, organization, management, regulation, and financing. The latter partnerships are essential not just for the conduct of research; they help to ensure relevance, applicability and use of the research and its results.

Partnerships for IHSPR help ensure that:

  • we can find the best and most appropriate expertise for complex research activities
  • IHSPR supported research is relevant and applicable
  • the Institute derives maximum benefit from its limited resources
  • IHSPR supported research is effectively translated into (clinical and policy) practice in a timely and ongoing fashion

IHSPR hopes to provide direction and criteria for setting priorities for the Institute's partnership activities and to ensure that these activities are fully aligned with and support the vision, mandate, goals, values and guiding principles of the Institute as outlined in its strategic plan.

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