World Tuberculosis Day – March 24, 2019

On this World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, CIHR- Institute of Infection and Immunity reaffirms its commitment to eliminating this deadly disease. TB is both preventable and treatable, yet the global burden of the disease remains high. While the overall rate of TB in Canada is one of the lowest in the world, individuals without access to quality health care, food security, housing and other social determinants of health are among the most susceptible. In Canada, TB disproportionately affects Indigenous Peoples and foreign-born individuals.

There is no better time to accelerate our efforts to eliminate TB than now (see The time is now - Chief Public Health Officer spotlight on eliminating tuberculosis in Canada report). Efforts to develop TB vaccine are gaining momentum globally and in Canada. Research that addresses and combines the social inequities of this disease with improved diagnosis and timely treatment offers great promise. With more knowledge of predictors of those at higher risk we will also be able to increase our understanding of the experience of those affected and better tailor interventions and support. The key to TB elimination in Canada lies in reducing the inequality in disease burden across populations most affected by high prevalence rates. This can only be achieved through further collaborative action between scientists, health professionals, communities and all levels of government across the country.

TB continues to be among the leading cause of death due to infectious disease globally. We need to accelerate our research efforts to develop better prevention, early diagnosis and treatment methods. CIHR is committed to addressing these needs to improve the health of Canadians and make a difference globally. 

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