2021 Rising Star Early Career Award in Health Services and Policy Research

Recognizing emerging Health Services and Policy Researchers

The CIHR Institute of Health Services and Policy Research (CIHR-IHSPR) is pleased to announce that Dr. Gillian Strudwick is the recipient of the 2021 Rising Star Early Career Award in Health Services and Policy Research.

This award recognizes the excellence of emerging health services and policy researchers at the early career stage and awarded to the highest ranking Early-Career Investigator in CIHR’s Project Grant competition working within the mandate of IHSPR. The prize entails a $25,000 supplemental grant to support research and/or knowledge mobilization for the duration of 1 year.

In recognizing and supporting research excellence, IHSPR Career Awards are a key strategy to help advance IHSPR’s 2021-26 Strategic Plan: Accelerate Health Care System Transformation through Research to Achieve the Quadruple Aim and Health Equity for All and CIHR’s 2021-31 Strategic Plan: A Vision for a Healthier Future.

About the Recipient

Dr. Gillian Strudwick

Dr. Gillian Strudwick is a Registered Nurse, holding the positions of Scientist and Chief Clinical Informatics Officer at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, Ontario. She is also an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto, and holds academic appointments at both Western University (Nursing) and the University of Victoria (Health Information Science).  She serves as a board member for AMS Healthcare, and the Village Family Health Team in Toronto, Ontario. In 2020, Dr. Strudwick became the first women in Canada to become a Fellow of the American Medical Informatics Association and was recognized by Digital Health Canada as a top women leader in Digital Health.

Dr. Strudwick has a passion for mentoring aspiring digital health researchers. She has supervised numerous trainees (masters, doctoral and post-doctoral) conducting their work in the digital mental health subject area. In addition, she has taught more than 10 cohorts of students in the Masters of Health Informatics program at the University of Toronto. Dr. Strudwick’s research lies at the intersection of digital health, implementation science and mental health.

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