Ethics at CIHR

In the area of ethics, CIHR is mandated by Parliament to:

  • Promote, assist and undertake research that meets the highest international scientific standards of excellence and ethics.
  • Foster the discussion of ethical issues and the application of ethical principles to health research.
  • Monitor, analyze and evaluate issues, including ethical issues, pertaining to health and health research.

Who We Are

Ethics at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is a responsibility shared by various groups.

The CIHR's mandate in ethics is supported by the Standing Committee on Ethics (SCE) who identifies for the Governing Council emerging ethical issues of strategic relevance with respect to health and health research. It provides the Governing Council with high-level strategic advice on the ethical, legal and socio-cultural dimensions of CIHR's mandate as set out in The CIHR Act, at its initiative or at the request of the Governing Council or the President.

CIHR's Ethics Office develops and implements research ethics policies, builds capacity and supports research on ethics. It also provides advice to the research community on ethical issues and public policy and legislative issues.

Ethics at CIHR is also supported by:

CIHR works with a number of key partners to promote and support a culture of ethics and integrity in health research across Canada and around the world.

What We Do

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is committed to promoting health research that meets the highest international standards of excellence and ethics.

In addition to developing the highest ethical standards for health research, Ethics at CIHR addresses the following areas:

  • Ethics in Research: Developing and implementing CIHR policies to fulfill the ethical and legal responsibilities of a research sponsor.
  • Ethics in Research: A Science Lifecycle Approach is an education workbook consisting of a conceptual framework and a series of scenarios where an ethics lens is applied and discussed.
  • Funding Opportunities in Ethics: Building capacity in ethics, supporting the development and coordination of strategic initiatives, and assisting researchers.
  • Ethics Advice on Public Policy and Legislation Development: Providing national and international collaboration in the development of public policy and legislation in priority areas.