Best Brains Exchanges

Best Brain Exchanges are one-day, in-camera meetings for decision makers, and researchers with expertise on a topic that has been identified as a high priority by provincial/territorial ministries of health and the Health Portfolio.

The objectives of the Best Brains Exchange program are to:

  • provide the ministry/ Health Portfolio with an overview of the latest evidence from researchers on the basis of their expertise and knowledge on critical issues related to the ministry/ Health Portfolio identified topic;
  • improve participants' knowledge of and access to research evidence in the topic area that the ministry/ Health Portfolio is or will be facing; 
  • facilitate roundtable discussions that engage both the researchers and decision makers;
  • enable the ministry/ Health Portfolio to consult with the researchers for their knowledge and perspectives on particular questions.

The Best Brains Exchange is an informal forum for interaction, exchange and mutual learning between researchers and decision makers in order to support and facilitate the sharing and use of information on a high priority topic.

Unlike other CIHR programs, this is not an open funding opportunity. Best Brains Exchanges are planned based on the identified needs and timelines of the provincial/ territorial ministries and Health Portfolio. CIHR approaches experts to participate in Best Brains Exchanges, as appropriate, based on "fit" with the topic of the session.

“The BBE event was pivotal in providing the NWT Health and Social Service system with critical information and best evidence, viewpoints and considerations. The unique format, expert speakers, researchers and key stakeholders added to the success of knowledge translation and provided critical capacity to the NWT.”

Paddy Meade, former Deputy Minister, Northwest Territories Department of Health and Social Services.
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