EIHR Portal

Visit the EIHR Portal.

What is it?

The Evidence-Informed Health Care Renewal (EIHR) Portal is a continuously updated repository of policy-relevant documents that address 'health care renewal' in Canada. It contains 24 types of documents, including jurisdictional reviews, stakeholder position papers, and intergovernmental communiqués. The documents address priority areas identified by Canadian federal, provincial and territorial governments, such as primary health care, patient safety, health human resources and performance indicators (e.g., timely access).

The EIHR Portal is integrated within McMaster Health Forum's Health Systems Evidence to provide a single point of access to the ever-growing body of evidence that can inform health care renewal activities and policy.

Who's behind it?

The EIHR Portal is an initiative of the EIHR Roundtable and is funded in partnership with 10 of the member organizations (including funding agencies; federal, provincial and territorial health ministries; associations and NGOs). The EIHR Portal is managed through a collaboration between the McMaster Health Forum and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Documents within the EIHR Portal are continuously identified through referrals by participating organizations and the McMaster Health Forum. Included documents address topics about renewing, reforming or strengthening governance, financial and delivery arrangements within health systems.

Why use it?

The EIHR Portal can save time for health system policymakers and stakeholders (e.g., analysts, researchers, media) by helping them to rapidly:
  • identify existing documents on various Canadian health care renewal topics/priority areas;
  • search by categories such as keywords, publication date, topics
  • access links to user-friendly summaries and full-text reports (if applicable and freely available)

How to access it?

Visit the EIHR Portal.

Creating a login and personal profile is quick and easy to do. Take advantage of the monthly evidence service to receive alerts when new documents in selected areas of interest become available.

Comments and suggestions for the EIHR Portal are welcome and can be directed to hse@mcmaster.ca. Follow the EIHR Portal on Twitter @EIHRPortal.


  • Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions
  • Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health
  • Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement
  • Canadian Institute for Health Information
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Canadian Medical Association
  • Canadian Patient Safety Institute
  • Health Canada
  • HealthCareCAN
  • Institute of Health Economics
  • Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
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