CIHR Embedded Clinician Researcher Salary Award recipient Dr. Tara Kiran examines who may be left behind by primary health care reforms in this opinion piece in the Toronto Star.

CBPHC New Investigator Award recipient Dr. Farah Ahmad is working to improve access to mental health care for new immigrants as part of a team of researchers at York University, who also received a CIHR eHealth Innovation Initiative catalyst grant. Their work has recently been published in:

Graduate students working with Dr. Kue Young’s CBPHC Circumpolar Health Systems Innovation Team (CIRCHSIT) are helping to pinpoint weak spots in primary care in Canada’s far northern communities, including barriers to accessing local health care services in Northwest Territories and challenges with pharmacy services in Nunavut.


CanIMPACT: The Canadian Team to Improve Community-Based Cancer Care along the Continuum

This Faces of Healthcare article profiles Dr. Mike Green, a family doctor and health researcher. His studies are inspired by the day-to-day challenges he sees at the clinic level. His latest research reveals some surprising ways health practitioners can better serve Indigenous patients with diabetes.

CBPHC Events

Annual meetings

The CBPHC Annual meetings bring together the CIHR funded CBPHC Innovation Teams and salary award recipients, including New Investigators, Applied Public Health Chairs, and Embedded Clinician Researchers, along with representatives from national health care organizations and policy leads and decision makers engaged with the initiative. The meetings provide participants with an opportunity to critically reflect on progress, achievements, and impacts arising from Innovation Team's programs of research, including capacity building and knowledge translation activities. The meetings also provide a forum for knowledge exchange, critical debate and collaboration between Teams, salary awardees, decision-makers, and partners with a common interest.

Mid-term Reporting

The CBPHC Innovation Team Grants completed mid-term reports at 2.5 years, in the fall of 2015. The focus of the mid-term reporting was designed around a common set of questions asked of all teams that were grounded in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences research impact categories – advancing knowledge, building capacity, informing decision making, health impacts and broad social and economic impacts.

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