SPOR Summit 2016 – Message from Anne Lyddiatt, SPOR National Steering Committee

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to say a few words to you on the occasion of the 2016 SPOR Summit.

I have been a member of the SPOR National Steering Committee since the inaugural meeting and have a strong interest in its activities. I so wish I was able to be there to hear about all the activities currently taking place and those in the planning and embryonic stage.

I often liken SPOR to starting a family. First there was discussion – do we start? When do we start? Can we afford to start? Then, plans were made and initiated. The gestation was lengthy and had a few challenges, but the resulting "child" is one with culture shifting potential.

I think everyone involved in any area of SPOR would agree that challenges have arisen but we learned from them, adjusted the plan and look where SPOR is now!

The support Units are well underway, seven Networks have been approved, and the support of innovative methods for conducting clinical trials has recently been announced.

This has been an enormous accomplishment. I know each of us can see the positive impact this is having, and will continue to have, on our entire health care system.

It takes a coordinated and dedicated team to have moved SPOR forward. The staff at CIHR played an important role supporting and connecting the various stakeholders across our vast country. I would like to thank them for their commitment.

Enjoy this time together with the opportunity to share accomplishments and to learn from one another. We have much to look forward to as SPOR moves ahead.

Anne Lyddiatt
Member, SPOR National Steering Committee
National Trainer, Patient Partners in Arthritis Program

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