Governing Council - Members

CIHR is governed by a Governing Council of up to 18 members. The President of CIHR serves as its Chair, while the Deputy Minister of Health is an ex-officio and non-voting member.

Members of Governing Council:

  • are 18 women and men who are able to contribute to the achievement of CIHR's objectives in the overall interests of Canadians;
  • each come from a unique background and possess an outstanding skill set;
  • reflect a range of relevant backgrounds and disciplines;
  • meet face-to-face at least three times a year and every two years in a retreat;
  • are not remunerated.

Members of Governing Council are appointed by the Governor in Council – decided upon by the federal Cabinet – and may hold office for two consecutive three-year terms. The President holds office for five years and is also eligible for reappointment.

The By-Law of CIHR reflects the language of the CIHR Act and enables it to operate, as a Departmental Corporation, within a legal corporate framework.

Alain Beaudet
CIHR President
Chair of the Governing Council

Nadine Caron
Assistant Professor
University of British Columbia
Northern Medical Program

Maura Davies
President and Chief Executive Officer
of the Saskatoon Health Region

Michèle Fortin
President and CEO

Paul E. Garfinkel
Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto
Staff Psychiatrist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Simon Kennedy
Deputy Minister
Health Canada

Terry Klassen
Director of Research, Manitoba Institute of Child Health (MICH)
Associate Dean, Academic, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba

Paul Kubes
Professor, Faculty of Medicine
University of Calgary

Amy Ornstein
Pediatrician and Medical Director, IWK Health Centre Child Protection Team
Division Head of General Pediatrics, Dalhousie University

Chris Power
President and CEO, Capital Health

Bernard Prigent
Vice-President and Medical Director of Pfizer Canada

Terrance P. Snutch
Professor, University of British Columbia
Canada Research Chair, Michael Smith Laboratories

Lori Turik
Executive Director
Richard Ivey School of Business
International Centre for Health Innovation and Leadership

Lori West
Professor of Pediatrics, Surgery and Immunology, University of Alberta;
Interim Director and Director of Research, Alberta Transplant Institute

The Honourable Michael H. Wilson
Chairman, Barclays Capital Canada Inc.

Terry-Lynn Young
Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland