Governing Council - Members

CIHR is governed by a Governing Council of up to 18 members. The President of CIHR serves as its Chair, while the Deputy Minister of Health is an ex-officio and non-voting member.

Members of Governing Council:

  • are 18 women and men who are able to contribute to the achievement of CIHR's objectives in the overall interests of Canadians;
  • each come from a unique background and possess an outstanding skill set;
  • reflect a range of relevant backgrounds and disciplines;
  • meet face-to-face at least three times a year and every two years in a retreat;
  • are not remunerated.

Members of Governing Council are appointed by the Governor in Council – decided upon by the federal Cabinet – and may hold office for two consecutive three-year terms. The President holds office for five years and is also eligible for reappointment.

The By-Law of CIHR reflects the language of the CIHR Act and enables it to operate, as a Departmental Corporation, within a legal corporate framework.