Featured cancer research

In 2012-13, CIHR invested approximately $166 million in cancer related research.

CIHR is pleased to share some of the exciting CIHR-funded research that is happening right now in the area of cancer. This research plays an important role in tackling the disease on all fronts – from prevention, to diagnosis, to treatment. Learn more about how the results from their research directly contribute to improved health and health care for Canadians.

Dr. John Bell
Cancer: Intravenously-delivered viral therapy

Dr. François Bénard
Cyclotron solution - Alternative methods to Tc-99m

Dr. Peter Keating
Rethinking cancer testing

Dr. Paul Nathan
Cutting the cost of surviving childhood cancer

Dr. Catherine O’Brien
New therapeutic approach in the treatment of colorectal cancer

Dr. Linda Rabeneck
Population-Based Colorectal Cancer Screening

Dr. Sohrab Shah
Computing cancer

Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif
Sharing isotope expertise

Dr. Gregory Zaric
Adding up the unknowns - Genetic testing and cancers

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