Global Health Policy applying evidence

Global Health Policy


Canadians are frequently invited to work with international partners to tackle complex global health challenges and improve health for all. With new responsive funding mechanisms and strategic networks, public health can make even greater contributions in addressing global health emergencies and developing evidence-informed health policies that achieve global impact.

IPPH’s Global Health Policy Initiative evolved from a strong desire to help institutionalize the use of research evidence in policymaking. In a globalized world where disease can spread quickly, evidence-informed policies are essential to address transnational health threats. To ensure this evidence is developed, IPPH is working to provide Canadian researchers with opportunities to contribute to research on emerging health threats and to mobilize interdisciplinary networks of researchers to prepare and respond to global health emergencies.

Activities and Goals
CIHR Directive Objective Activities
Funding Position Canada to be a leader in global health emergency research Identifying mechanisms to rapidly fund public health research during global health emergencies
Training Bolster policy-relevant research on challenges with global implications Investing in key global health research areas such as antimicrobial resistance and chronic disease prevention
Knowledge Translation Pursue opportunities to Institutionalize the use of evidence in global health policymaking Mobilizing networks of researchers, research funders and policymakers, especially around social science research on infectious diseases

Initiative Info

Initiative Activities and Opportunities


  • Global Alliance on Chronic Disease (GACD), GLoPID-R Funders Forum on Social Science on Infectious Disease Threats (Department for International Development (UK), the European Commissions, Wellcome Trust, and South African Medical Research Council).
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