III Strategic research priorities

As described in the Institute's strategic plan for 2013 to 2018, the Institute will continue to pursue research excellence and capacity development, focusing its investments strategically according to the following research objectives and priorities.

Objective 1: Strengthening and coordinating infection and immunity research

  • Priority 1: Preparing for and responding to existing and emerging threats. The sub-topics of interest are:
    • Antimicrobial resistance;
    • Existing and emerging microbial threats;
    • Environment and health;
    • Vaccines development;
    • Improved diagnostics.
  • Priority 2: Integrating Infection and Immunity Knowledge in the Control and Prevention of Chronic Disease. The sub-topics of interest are:
    • Inflammation;
    • Human microbiome;
    • Transplantation;
    • Human immunology and immunotherapy;
    • Environment and health;
    • Chronic viral infections including HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C.

Objective 2: Facilitating the Application and Impact of Research

  • Priority 1: Promote innovation;
  • Priority 2: Facilitate impact of research outcomes.
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