Showcasing Human Development, Child and Youth Health Research

Did you know: 16.7% of Canadians were aged 14 and under in 2011?1

Since 2000, the CIHR Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health (IHDCYH) supports the work of researchers which aims to give the best start in life for all Canadians. Children's health, security and wellness go a long way in making a better future for our communities.

Featured researchers

Dr. Jonathan Weiss
Mental health for Canadians with Autism Spectrum Disorders: The importance of research into treatment and care

Dr. Kristi B. Adamo
Obesity prevention in the early years

Dr. Maryse Bouchard
Exposure to pesticides and behavioral problems

Featured research

Fertility – it's more complicated than you'd think

Action Schools! BC: A 'Whole School' Approach to Getting Kids Active

Reconfiguring Neonatal Care Saves More Preterm Babies from Disability and Death

Kangaroo Care: A Different Way of Nurturing Preterm Babies

Telephone-Based Mental Health Care Gets Help Quickly to Troubled Kids and Families

Obstetrics Study Leads to Changes in Practice and Guidelines

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