The Bhagirath Singh Early Career Award in Infection and Immunity

The Program

This award was established to honour the outstanding work of III's inaugural Scientific Director, Dr. Bhagirath Singh. To recognize the excellence of research being done in Canada, this prize ($25,000) will be awarded annually to a new investigator (less than five years as New Investigator) in the field of Infection and Immunity with the highest ranking (by percent (%) rank) in the Fall or Spring Open Operating Grants competitions. This award is a supplemental grant to support research, and has to be used according to CIHR policy for Grants and Awards. The award is not a personal award and is non-renewable. The inaugural Award was given in 2010.

Next period of eligibility: year 2015
Next expected funding start date: April 2016


  • The candidate must be a recipient of a CIHR Open Operating Grant from the March 2015 competition (there is only one OOGP competition in 2015);
  • The funded research must align with III mandate;
  • The candidate must have chosen III as the primary Institute on their Open Operating Grant Proposal application;
  • The candidate must have started her/his independent investigator position no more than five years from the date of his/her CIHR Open Operating Grant Proposal application.

How to apply / Evaluation

There is no application process for this award. The award will be given to the recipient of a grant from the open competition, under five years as New Investigator, with the highest ranking (by percent (%) rank) in the 2015 Open Operating Grants competition, and III selected as the primary Institute. CIHR staff will provide the list of III grantees and will determine with institute staff the eligibility of the recipient. In the case of a tie, the award will be split amongst the finalists.

Winners of previous years

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