IGH Events


Women’s Heart Health Hackathon
Toronto, Ontario
February 9-10 2017

Canadian Conference on Medical Education
Winnipeg, Manitoba
April 29-May 2 2017

Organization of the Study of Sex Differences Annual Meeting
Montreal, Quebec
May 15-18 2017

Public Health 2017
Halifax, Nova Scotia
June 6-8 2017

e-Mental Health Hackathon
Toronto, Ontario
June 2017

Pathways Annual Gathering
Location TBD
Summer 2017

Gender Summit 11: North America
Montreal, Quebec
November 6-8, 2017


Rainbow Health Ontario Conference
London, Ontario
March 9-11 2016

Canadian Conference on Medical Education
Montreal, Quebec
April 16-19 2016

Canadian Women’s Heart Health Summit
Ottawa, Ontario
April 14-15 2016

Organization of the Study of Sex Differences Annual Scientific Meeting
Philadelphia, PA
May 23-26 2016

Canadian Student Health Research Forum
Winnipeg, Manitoba
June 7-9 2016

European Association of Science Editors Conference
Strasbourg, France
June 10-12 2016

GenderNET: Final Dissemination and Policy Conference
Paris, France
September 12, 2016

IAB: Research Excellence, Policy and Ethics
Montreal, Quebec
November 3-4, 2016

Gender Summit 9: Europe
Brussels, Belgium
November 8-9 2016

We encourage you to submit any meetings or events that may be of interest to the IGH research community. Please forward this information to the Institute at Rachel.macneill@criugm.qc.ca.

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